Programs & Services


The Steinway Astoria Partnership, as it is now known, continues the work started in 1991 as the Steinway Street Business Improvement District, addressing the issues of the property owners and over three hundred businesses of Steinway Street.


The Steinway Astoria Partnership fostering its brand identity and tag line “Steinway Something for Everyone” continues. The streetscape beautification project is in different stages of development.

  • The new banners with colorful characters reflecting “Something for Everyone” have struck a chord with the public and have become synonymous with Steinway Street.
  • The flower baskets are once again in bloom with ivy geraniums adding a burst of color to the street.
  • Steinway Street was the recipient of close to sixty new trees thanks to the NYC Department of Parks – pin oaks for the most part and some flowering cherries. This greening project has created a more pleasing environment for the district.
  • A bench project providing a pedestrian friendly district is in the works.


The Steinway Astoria Partnership’s marketing and promotional activities are designed to attract customers and visitors to the district. A large portion of marketing/promotional activities are centered during the holiday season. Following are some successful projects:

  • The Cemusa bus shelter advertising campaign “Something for Everyone” was hugely successful. The colorful Steinway store directory appeared in twenty bus shelters in Astoria, Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside during the holiday season.
  • The Steinway Street Shopping Experience has been promoted on radio and cable television.
  • The semi annual Steinway Street fairs draw thousands of visitors and residents to Steinway Street and two Steinway Street Sale Days also promote the district.
  • The weekend appearances in December of Santa on Steinway are a holiday tradition. Santa was found at Santa’s Shoppe at the Kids Playhouse two Saturdays during the season distributing gifts, treats, and had his picture taken with all the children that visited him.
  • Thousands of Steinway tote bags have been given away at various events.


Each year, the installation of unique arch type holiday lights and centerpieces illuminate Steinway Street from one end to the other visually enhancing the street during the holiday season.


Through a contract with the Atlantic Maintenance Corporation, this goal of a clean and pleasing environment has been achieved through the daily cleaning of sidewalks, sweeping of curbs, maintenance of litter baskets, and regular removal of graffiti and illegal printed materials from lampposts, street signs and building surfaces.

The ongoing sanitation services provided by the Steinway Astoria Partnership maintenance crew continues to be the activity that is the most recognized by both the public and members of the District.